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Our Green Solution Blueprints

Our products

Lumbara solution  is composed from hardware components and cloud services. 


Lumbara Ambiental

Is a device (and service) that integrates existing irrigation systems or new green energy solutions, with the role of saving the energy and water needed to maintain green areas, floral decorations, shrubs, etc. The solution implements a space management and optimum adjustment of resources according to ambient parameters, exposure to pollution related to the type of flora/vegetation planted. Also, through intelligent and photo-analysis algorithms, the system detects in real time the losses in the water network and the inefficient functioning of sprinklers systems.


Lumbara AquaControl

Can run in parallel with existing systems by replacing or disabling the current irrigation controller. A Lumbara Prime controller can manage up to 8 zones (valves) and 2 pumps. Lumbra Prime is based on smart metering, measuring water consumption and detecting system leakage. It is well known that each element of irrigation system crashes over time, the water is lost, and the pumps operate continuously, consuming energy and finally destroying themselves.Using artificial intelligence, the system controls the debts, also detecting whether the sprinklers operate well correlated and how the pump behaves.

Lumbara Aquaris

Aquaris, aimed at the health of citizens, by monitoring the quality of water in the public wells and lakes. Because they are exposed to interaction with townhouse fauna (birds, animals, insects) but also affected by the city’s pollution, during spring-summer, they develop hazardous bacterial germs (e.g. Salmonella, E-Colli, Shigella, Norovirus, Giardia), which It transmits to people by sprinkling its contact (e.g. by playing children).

Lumbara GreenCity services

There are several services that defines Lumabra solution

Green management

Enabling features to manage all green areas in the city using a map interactive features. Each field can be managed in term of area, type of soil and defined work activities having a history of what was done and the costs. You can schedule green activities related with seeding, planting, cutting or watering, or you can assign and manage intelligent water devices (as Lumbara AquaControl).

USER MANAGEMENT and access level

Handling user management on Lumbara platform starting with employees that are involved within green areas activities, but also collaborators or companies that provides services. Each user can be assigned to have access in order to be involved on a scheduled activity or task.


This module is enabling capability to define internal or external incidents on a specific area related with green problems (destroyed fields, dirty areas etc) or watering problems. Citizens can interact with this service in order to send their proposals or requests. All problems are saved into a database for later assignments to people in charge. The module can be integrated also with town hall ticketing issues.

WATER management  

The intelligent service that is behind the module is monitoring leakages or bad functionality of water systems that are equipped with Lumbara AquaMeter. Basically the system is detecting when something is not granted or when the system is leaking due to calcium/sand, sand or impurities in the control valves.  Also the system is monitoring the efficiency of the irrigation based on water debit and consumption. Using this module you can get analytics around water consumption irrigation history versus rainfall or soil moisture.

Security management

Lumbara GreenCity is handling security aspects in term of frontend (web page and apps)  and backend access. The platform will be installed in separate cloud environment and dedicated domain (<yourbusiness> with SSL certificate.

engineering in-field APP

The application is important for in- field maintenance. For instance if some of Lumbara devices have a problem, troubleshooting locally is important though BlueTooth Low Energy(BLE) connection. Also in-field application is important for configuration of the device (ex. change router SSID) or activating/deactivating functionalities or manual triggers(ex. irrigation valve start).