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Urban Green solutions

City spaces, gardening, smart buildings

Lumbara approach

Planetary climate hot impact fight

Planetary climate hot impact fight

Air contaminants reduction 

Air contaminants reduction 

Up to 50% of irrigation water reduction

Up to 50% of irrigation water reduction

Reducing working costs and emissions

Reducing working costs and emissions

Sustainable urbanism

Lumbara is focusing on long term viability, reducing consumption, waste and harmful impacts on people and green areas, while enhancing the overall well-being physical, ecological, economic, social, health  factors, among others, that comprise city green infrastructure and their populations.


Urban gardening

Lumbara helps you in the practice of growing plants in an urban environment. Urban gardening has a positive impact on the economy, the environment and food security. If you live in a big city, urban gardeners are doing their work all around you. Supervising the garden in term of water, plan grow (nutrients, pollution, diseases) is Lumbara role.

Urban gardening dreamstime

City green areas

Green areas (like parks, squares), lungs of the city are places where people can go for recreation and physical exercise. It is mandatory to provide clean air, peaceful and quiet mood. Each plant has unique needs in term of water, nutrients, seasonal works.  Maintaining in unproper way result in higher maintenance costs, slow grow that implies slow level of pollution absorption and oxygen release. 


City vertical/roof gardens

Exterior buildings vertical gardens also give buildings great protection and insulation from temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and pollution. In the summer, exterior vertical gardens use a process called evapotranspiration, which helps cool the air around them. The water and nutrients are essential for plant health to fight against climate change. With Lumabara this can managed in a siple way.

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Indoor green 

Planting  green in the offices has many advantages, the major advantage is the way people feel after it is installed. Many studies have shown that plants have an enormous effect on improving mood in work environments. Choosing the right plants and maintaining the building green infrastructure is a task for Lumbara AI.

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Reusing “green” resources

Powered with edge computing, Lumbara is maintaining and supervising the green/gardens areas indoor/outdoor in a smart and sustainable way. The rain water is captured and reused then the energy for sensors and pumps are from solar or wind sources.  Computing the plant type, environmental sensing,  plant phenology with  nutrients and required water needs, Lumbara is saving energy, resources and human intervention. 

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Lumbara IOT products and services

All Lumbara products  (IOT devices, sensors and connectivity) are designed and produced by our company in Europe.  The electronics are carefully chosen to be low emissions, low energy and less transmission being compliant with European laws, mobile interoperable with many telecom operators. Aside telecom connectivity (LTE-M Cat1/NbIot,2G/4G/5G), Lumbara is empowered also with IOT technologies as Bluetooth, Lora/LoraWan, Wifi

Lumbara Aquacontrol – smart irrigation (Irrigation 4.0) system based on soil and plant type

Lumbara Aquameter – smartmeter for water consumption and irrigation anomalies

Lumbara Air – Air Quality 

Lumbara Aquaris – Lakes and fountains water biological treads

Lumbara PollenSense – pollen allergies and alerting

Lumbara Base – Environmental 

Lumbara Eye – Computer vision plant/garden/areas monitoring

Lumbara Digital 4.0 – services

  • Irrigation 4.0 Programs

  • Green Areas management 

  • Urban gardening activities management 

  • People, IOT Devices/Sensors, Equipment

  • Alarms Module – e-mail and SMS.

  • Plants, diseases, pests, nutrients phenological algorithms

  • Reporting in term of costs and energy

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Web Browser Interface on PC and Mobile

  •  KPI’s parameters for analysis and dashboards.